Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Currently Reading, A Rare Diamond by Amara L. Russell

A bookquote from my currentlyreading ... Yes, into the "positive book zone" , again. 

"You my friend, are a diamond and you have purpose; acknowledge that purpose and walk in it". 

A Rare Diamond by Amara L. Russell. 

 Just started this ebook I've had on my kindle for a couple of years.... catching up on the back log.  This, so far, is about Celeste, a young girl, at the moment who has lost her mother through cancer, going through her life and now Ive reached up to when she is 15.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Book Review, Sapphire Skies by Belinda Alexandra

Book Review
Sapphire Skies by Belinda Alexandra

I borrowed this book from the library.

Setting, Moscow 1937 - Russia 2000

I'm still so stunned and over awed, over this book.

Getting back into my comfort zone with a historical fiction, I was surrounded by how shocking and revealing this book had become. Most of the story revolves around Natasha and her life, captured by the cruel Stalin at the age of 14, showered her with gifts, the family house.... raided, tossed out and her father, taken away. Her life and passion for flying, literally, cost her.....her life, as years later her plane crashed. She was then captured in another sense and was sent to concentration camp after concentration camp, where, even animals were treated better than people.

I applaud the author, it must have taken a painstakingly amount of hard work to do research into this terror of a subject, that is all too real for some. I found this very, extremely facinating and I learnt alot from it.  I also highly praise what the author says in the "authors notes" - where she has aimed to make Russian words and names as easy on the eye and tongue.

This book comes highly recommended by me and would suit all historical fictional readers, especially those who are interested in Moscow, Russia, who likes world war II fighter plane era, who likes war type books, and who likes suspenseful reads.

I special and tremendous "thank you" goes to Ellen Read who recommended me this book in the first place, so much so, that this one will be ending up on my You Tube channel and the author has made it easy for me, so I can pronounce the names.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

On my to be read pile

I recently bought this book
Death in Provence by Serena Kent 
after a recommendation by  Ellen Read
Synopsis below.

The first entry in a clever, lighthearted mystery series set in modern Provence—a delightful blend of Agatha Christie and Peter Mayle—featuring the irrepressible Penelope Kite, a young-at-heart divorcee with a knack for stumbling across dead bodies.

It’s love at first sight when Penelope Kite sees Le Chant d’Eau—The Song of Water—the stone farmhouse tucked high in the hills above the Luberon valley, complete with a garden, swimming pool, and sweeping mountain vistas. For years, Penelope put her unfaithful ex-husband and her ungrateful stepchildren first. Since taking early retirement from her job in forensics at the Home Office in England, she’s been an unpaid babysitter and chauffeur for her grandchildren. Now, she’s going to start living for herself. Though her dream house needs major renovations, Penelope impulsively buys the property and moves to St. Merlot.

But Penelope’s daydreams of an adventurous life in Provence didn’t include finding a corpse floating face down in her swimming pool. The discovery of the dead man plunges her headlong into a Provençal stew of intrigue and lingering resentments simmering beneath the deceptively sunny village. Having worked in the forensics office, Penelope knows a thing or two about murder investigations. To find answers, she must carefully navigate between her seemingly ubiquitous, supercilious (and enviously chic) estate agent, the disdainful chief of police, and the devilishly handsome mayor—even as she finds herself tempted by all the delicacies the region has to offer. Thank goodness her old friend Frankie is just a flight away . . . and that Penelope is not quite as naïve as her new neighbors in St. Merlot believe.

Set against the exquisite backdrop of Provence, steeped in history, atmosphere, and secrets, Death in Provence introduces an irresistible heroine and a delightful new mystery series.

Friday, 2 November 2018

2nd - Currently Reading

The second book I'm currently reading is a historical fiction by Belinda Alexandra, Sapphire Skies.

Ok, well it was a bit slow to start off with, but getting quite interesting now, set in Moscow, it's a past and present book, going from 1937 - 2000.  Lots of characters in this book.  One such one, is, Lily, who loves stray cats.  There is a chocolate factory and I'm being kept entertained by bombings and destruction.  I'm loving all this, so far.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Currently Reading

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Heart and Soul is shaping up to be  really good so far 💖. 
I have read alot of Maeve Binchy books and I love how each book of hers introduces a few more new characters, adding to the ones you already know. Her books aren't a series, but, you see the same characters  emerge from one book to another.  Lest we not forget.....Quentins, the famous........Quentins, a meeting place thats mentioned in most of her books, that you do get so familar with, that you feel you have been going there to eat  year in, year out. .
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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Book Review, The Dragon Sleeps, by Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleeps
Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleeps, is book 1 of The Thornton Mysteries. 4 books in the series. Ellen Read just announced recently the book title for the second in the series is,
The Inca's Curse.

The Dragon Sleeps, is set in the 1920s - Australia.

Alexandra Thornton is 21 years old and loves historic objects, because of her passion, she is interested in working in her Dads antique shop - Thornton Antiques.

Alexandra lives in Thornton Park and lives on the family estate. A zoo is also attached to the estate with kangaroos, wallabies, etc.

A mystery murder takes place in Thornton Park and Alexandra takes it upon herself to try and solve it.

I was drawn to The Dragon Sleeps because of the beauty of the building on the book cover, which is an actual building in Victoria, Australia.

Ellen Read loves architure buildings and this was quite evident in her book as she describes the home layout. Her love of flowers which she has a passion for are also a feature in her book, names like, blue salvias, pink petunias, etc.

I recommend The Dragon Sleeps, to anyone who likes historical fiction, who likes old fashion romance, who likes mystery murders and although some book reviews suggest Ellen Read writes similar to Agatha Christie, in my humble opinion, Ellen Read is far superior than Agatha Christie and stands alone.

Can be purchased through, 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Book Review on Untouched by Renee Regent

Book Review on.....
Untouched (Book 2/3) by Renee Regent

This book is about, Zac Daley and girl friend, Amanda Bresky (plus her family).

Amanda gave a vintage camera for Zacs birthday. A mysterious girl haunts the camera, once drowned in a lake. She reaches out to Zac and Amanda for help. Both try to help the drowned girl, but it's all not as smooth as it sounds, Amanda gets into trouble with her mother and her mother thinks she's up to no good, but then again, is the onus on her mother?.... as she might not be up to any good herself. Zac also finds that delving into someone's problems can cause a stir .... but how????

Again, I wasn't disappointed with Renee Regents writing. This is book 2, out of a series of 3, given to me in appreciation for reading book 1. Renee has a style that I like, because, although a romance writer, it's clean, tactfully put and has a sensual flavour. I loved the plot, Renee makes the story flow, like sitting in the sun and relaxing with a refreshing drink. Relaxed style, but refreshing.

I would recommend this book, to anyone who likes a soft romantic story, with a supernatural element to it, who likes stories about mismatched people and who likes books that are light and breezy and not too heavy